the One Breath Row    


Row as many meters as possible on only one breath !  


Use a Concept 2 indoor rowing machine.

When starting to row the flywheel must be completely still. 

No inhalation during row, but exhalation is allowed. 

Before the rower starts taking the next breath, i.e. inhales, stop rowing and wait until the rowed meters count has stopped updating. ( This will usually give you some 10 or 20 extra meters ).

The rowed meters on the display will then be your result for The One Breath Row.

e-mail your rowed meters, name and additional info to and we will add You to the record list. Category M = men heavyweight, m = men lightweight (75 kg), F = women, f = women lightweight (61.5 kg)



meters rowed




year of row


club ( if any ), city or nationality.




D. Wiklander 257 M 2011 Rote 87 RK 59 secs. vad snurrig i bollen jag blev. ( got real dizzy ... )
Steve Blanchard 197 M 2012 Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia
Johan Eklund 193 M 2009 Rote 87 RK
Doug Harrington 173 m 2012 RowPro Rowers @ 2:04.7. Age 58
Lars Sjöberg 170 M 2009 Rote 87 RK
Maurice O'Kane 164 M 2013 Paddypower IRC Age 46
Joe Keating 145 m 2012 London 41s @2:18.7. Age 63
Conny Johansson 138 m 2013 Rote 87 RK
Magnus Haettner 131 M 2013 Stenhamra Gym & Rehab Plågsamt, ser fram emot 1000 m Svearodd nästa helg där man får andas.
Thomas Poppen 119 M 2011 Rote 87 RK Lättare att simma under vattnet !

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